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Examples include disinvestment from South Africa in the former era of apartheid (now ended), and more recent calls for fossil fuel divestment in response to global warming.

Disinvestment — сущ. фин. дезинвестиции, сокращение капиталовложений, дезинвестирование, отрицательные инвестиции ( сокращение величины инвестиций, т. е. изъятие ранее инвестированных финансовых ресурсов...

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Disinvestments-A Historical Perspective. Policy on Public Sector and Disinvestment. Arguments against Disinvestment. Is this the right time for Disinvestment?

DISINVESTMENT. transcription, транскрипция: [ ˌdɪsɪnˈvestmənt ]. дезинвестиции ; дезинвестирование ; уменьшение стоимости капитала ; проедание капитала...

BREAKING DOWN 'Disinvestment'. In most cases, the primary motivation behind corporate or government disinvestments is the optimization of resources to deliver maximum returns.

the Voluntary Separation Scheme, which was prevailing in the company prior to disinvestments, whichever is more beneficial for the employee.

Disinvestment means strategic disinvestment. You sell your shares periodically trying to book maximum profits. Example is like ONGC or CIL by the govt of india.

equity disinvestment — изъятие капитала; уход external disinvestment — сокращение заграничных капиталовложений; продажа зарубежных активов induced disinvestment...
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