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«Honey, treacle» — это категория товаров в классе №30 по классификации МКТУ, который описывает растительные пищевые продукты.

Remove from cart. Treats Blossom Honey Squeezy Bottle 350g. Remove from cart. Lyle's Black Treacle 454g.

molassas, honey is also described as treacle. Please get the jar of treacle (molassas) off the pantry shelf for our treacle tarts.

Molasses, or black treacle (British, for human consumption; known as molasses otherwise), is a viscous product resulting from refining sugarcane or sugar beets into sugar. Molasses varies by amount of sugar, method of extraction, and age of plant.

Cocoa, sugar, honey, treacle and goods made from [...] these materials, in particular candies and other sweets; pastry and confectionery

Black Honey Sweet Treacle +35. Mr.Ann автор.

We are Honey and Treacle and this is our Story. Honey - Basset Hound X Border Collie Treacle - Basset Hound X Cocker Spaniel.
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